Reconstructive Procedures

Dr. Nahai performs reconstructive surgery of the face and breast. Please contact us to discuss how Dr. Nahai can address your reconstructive needs.

Mohs Reconstruction
Following Mohs surgery to remove skin cancers, Dr. Nahai can improve the appearance of affected areas on the scalp, forehead, eyelids, nose, lips, cheeks and ears.

Breast Reconstruction
Breast reconstruction is often necessary following breast cancer surgery. Dr. Nahai can reconstruct breasts with implants and expanders or with native tissue to give patients a more pleasing, natural breast appearance. Dr. Nahai also performs nipple reconstruction.

Facial Trauma Reconstruction
Injuries to the face can take a physical and emotional toll on an individual. Dr. Nahai performs nasal, cheek bone, orbital bone and forehead fracture repairs to reconstruct patients’ faces following injuries or accidents.

Dr. Nahai also addresses secondary defects from facial trauma and repairs complex facial lacerations and injuries.

Functional Eyelid Surgery
Dr. Nahai is experienced in repairing droopy top eyelids (ptosis repair) as well as performing lower lid revisions.

Dr. Nahai can improve the visual appearance of skin following a mole removal or skin graft. He can also work with patients to reduce scarring.